Why I Got Started in Fashion


Growing up in Los Angeles, California is a unique experience, in that you do not notice it is unique until you leave. My first memories were of heartache and sadness, but there were also ones full of laughter and joy. Just enough out of the city to feel at home, but close enough to feel the excitement, I was more lucky than I realized. We would walk to the beach during school, have views of the city from home, and enjoy the sea air from church. It felt perfect. Except, with all the energy and fame that most people crave from a place like Los Angeles, it is easy to get lost. At a young age, I saw many of my friends suffer with evils that they should not have to worry about at 12 years old, the most prominent one being: self doubt. I knew so many people that were not confident in themselves or in how they looked that it drove them to do and think horrible things. It was then that I decided I needed to do something to help.


I myself have also gone though periods where I just do not like who I am and that is one of the scariest parts about being a woman. However, I found my release in clothes and was mesmerized by how a certain outfit could totally change the behavior of someone. At my school we wore uniforms and on those rare days where we could have free dress, I felt so empowered. I believed everyone deserved to feel that way. I started greeting my friends in a friendlier way and making sure they knew that they were loved. I also started to think about the little things that I may mention that would offend them and be more mindful of that. Then, I decided that I wanted to use fashion to make a difference.


I started brainstorming clothing lines that were all about inspiring women, with tiny uplifting messages on the sleeves. I also started to take notice of the women that inspired me and told them so. Basically, I realized that not everyone has to be Superman or Mother Teresa to make a difference, but anyone can if they just smile in the halls or use something they love to help. For me, that was fashion and I decided to use that passion to encourage everyone around me.

Brandy Scott