Natural Sun Protection Foods

Ever since I can remember, vacations with family involved the hourly sunscreen check and swimming was accompanied by lots of slathering on of a pinkish white liquid that would block your skin from the sun. As a kid, I hated it, but as an adult, I am so grateful for people caring enough about me to make sure I take care of my skin because the effects of one day in the sun can last a lifetime. The effects of the sun on skin last far beyond the painful sunburn that you’ll have to endure the next day. The sun causes aging prematurely, heat stroke, and even cancer. That is why it is so important to find all ways to help protect yourself and loved ones from the effects of too much UV light from the sun. One of those ways is to find food that actually combats UV rays and acts as a natural sun protection.

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Carrots and other Vegetables

Carrots and other vegetables such as kale and spinach are chock full of beta carotene¹, which is an organic ingredient that actually gives carrots that orange color. Our bodies turn that into vitamin A, which can protect our bodies from the sun after continuous use for ten weeks. They are also full of antioxidants and those will get you on track to a wrinkle free, damage free face. Not to mention, they are great for weight loss and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Green Tea

If vegetables aren’t your thing, you may enjoy being able to drink your sunscreen (not literally, please don’t do that). Green tea is a great wya to fill your body up with antioxidants and EGCG, a flavanol that fight bad health and disease. In one test, mice were given green tea to mice and exposing them to UV light, reduced the number of tumors caused by the light. Green tea is a must of leaning out and staying hydrated during the summer months as well.


All nuts really, but almonds especially have a ton of Vitamin E² that is great for lowering risk of skin cancer and reversing aging. People that eat almonds are less likely to have bad sunburns because of all the vitamins in them. Many skin care products are made with this, but instead of spending lots of money on expensive medicines, eat up on the natural stuff like nuts!


This little number can be found in cereals, pasta, some energy bars, and crackers. Flaxseed reduces inflammation, protects from sunburn, and keeps skin moisturized. Flaxseed oil also comes in supplements that I take two pills once a day. They keep the body strong, lower cholesterol, and have lots of nutrients.


When you think Omega 3, think salmon. This fish is full of “good” fats, which are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that like longer to digest and give you energy instead of what we consider actual “fat”. These lean out the body and the fatty acids fight against sun damage.

Vitamins and antioxidants are the key to keeping your body and skin looking damage free. There are so many great ways to keep your body healthy and honestly your future self will thank you.

Brandy Scott