Detox Water Water Water

Hey lovelies,

We need to talk about something really important. Something that without it, life as we know it would be destroyed. Without it, the world would be much much smaller and our bodies would be a lot uglier. I’m sure you may have guessed it considering not many things fit this description. Oh and I may have given it away with my title there, but yes. This magical drug is . . . water. Not to get all sciency with you, but water is a combination of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen and it makes up 60-65 % water, which means when you’re dehydrated, you are literally losing part of your body. Well kind of, not really, but you get the point. Water is extremely healthy for you, but not only that it adds a lot to your daily life.

Water flushes unnecessary toxins out of your body¹. When these toxins build up in your kidneys and colon, they can get stuck and make life very uncomfortable. No one wants that, so water comes in and flushes all of those toxins out and moves nutrients to where they will best be used in the body. This can lower blood sugar. No only is water great for keeping you healthy, but it also can help you lose weight². Sometimes we perceive dehydration as hunger pains and eat, but in reality it is just our bodies crying out for water. Knowing the difference can save you those precious pounds. On top of that, water keeps skin glowing, keeps energy up, and improves thinking power. So why do I tell you all of this? Because I know water is not the most exciting beverage of choice, so today we are going to explore ways to make it more interesting.

My Detox Water Recipes

  • Strawberry, Mint, Cucumber

    • One detox water that I have pretty much been obsessed with this week is this one. Lets call it Strawcumint. I don’t usually like fruit, but strawberries are a favorite of mine. They give the water a sweetness and you don’t have to worry about any pulp getting stuck in your water. Strawberries are great because they improve heart health, flush your system, help with stress, and increase metabolism³. The mint promotes digestion and soothes the stomach. Lastly, the cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why some people put them on their eyes. Cucumber is also really great for weight loss and for maintaining great skin. I absolutely love this recipe; as a matter of fact, i’m sipping it as I type this.

  • Lemon, Mint, and Grapefruit

    • This recipe is more for those who like a little zing on their palette. Nevertheless, it is very healthy and nutritious. The lemon has a lot of vitamin C, which will help the immune system. It can also help with acne and scars. Grapefruit is pretty sour, but if you can handle it, it can help keep your immune system strong and makes you less hungry. It also can help you sleep.

  • Apple and Cinnamon

    • This one is a classic, especially as the colder months approach. It gives off a very cozy vibe and makes you feel at home. The apple increases metabolism and gives off needed nutrients. The cinnamon not only tastes very delicious, but it also lowers blood sugar and has also been proven to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

These easy to make and delicious water recipes will get you excited to drink water and take care of yourself. I have one of these great detox water bottles that separates the fruit from the water. They are not too expensive and are really worth the investment, This is a fun and easy way to get healthy.

Brandy Scott