10 Absolute Weirdest Health Trends of All Time

We all know that humans are capable to doing very odd things to get what they desire or to present themselves in a certain way. For example, a Holy Roman Emperor appointing his horse as a senator, Stalin cutting out his enemies from photos, or you know lovely trends such as phone booth stacking (don’t know what that is? I encourage you to look it up because you will surely not be disappointed). Unfortunately these odd habits do not end with world leaders or bored workers, but they extend to food and health diets. They are mostly dangerous or unhelpful, however they make interesting stories for bloggers so here we go.

1. Cotton Ball Diet¹ - Because naturally if food will make you fat, here’s an idea, just don’t eat food. This diet includes dipped cotton balls in lime or orange juice and eating them to save calories. This is extremely dumb and I have no idea why cotton balls are involved in this, but if you don’t want to eat food, then don’t, but do not use a kindergartener’s craft project in the name of nutrition.

2. Ear Candling² - This one is quite creative. The process is like this: a candle or cone coated in beeswax is inserted in someone’s ear, the burning wax creates a vacuum, the ear wax is then drawn out, and as a result, all ear problems are magically solved and no more sinus infections for you. Yes because wax + more wax = no wax. That makes sense.

3. Adult Swaddling³ - Apparently, the thinking behind this is that the most secure we have ever been in our lives is when we were in our mother’s womb. This trend uses a wrap to swaddle people in an attempt to decrease stress. There is no evidence of this “return to the womb” treatment actually working. Next!

4. Sleeping Beauty Diet- If you aren’t awake, you can’t eat, and if you can’t eat, then you can’t gain weight. My God, these people are geniuses. People made a habit of sedating themselves with chemicals in order to sleep for days at a time and not get calories, which is a terrific way to kill yourself.

5. The Chew and Spit - The appeal of eating (you know other than staying healthy) is the taste of most foods. Sadly the universe is cruel and the foods that taste good, are usually the unhealthy ones. BUT, do not fear because Horace Fletcher has a solution for you. Around the turn of the 20th century, Fletcherism caught on, which is the idea that if you just chew your food, but do not swallow then you cannot gain weight. He made people chew their food until the flavor was gone and timed them to make sure they chewed enough. This is very absurd because not only does sugar enter your body with the flavor, but this gives your body no energy to use throughout the day.

6. Goat Hair Unibrows - In order to achieve that flawless, unkempt look that comes with everything that the unibrow entails, people in Ancient Greece would fasten together mental floss, coal, or even goat hair. I cannot think of a more fashion forward statement. Can you?

7. Removing of Facial Hair . . . All Facial Hair - Can you imagine going a day without your mascara or Benefit eyebrow gel? How about a day without your eyelashes or eyebrows? Well, in the Middle Ages, foreheads were all the rage. Those sexy, sexy foreheads causing men to fall. In order to excentuate the foreheads, people would remove eyebrows and eyelashes. Not only is this craze extremely unattractive, it can cause serious damage and health problems. Leave natural features where they are please.

8. Placenta Encapsulation - The most wonderful day of your life; giving birth should be remembered with baby blankets, family photos, and keeping baby placenta? Moms keep this little treat to combat fatigue and depression. Apparently, they cook it like a meat and serve it for dinner! Sounds wonderful, however, studies prove eating it actually leads to nervousness.

9. Blue Sunglasses - In Japan, the urge to eat can be suppressed by wearing blue tinted sunglasses. The logic behind this is that seeing the tone of blue in your life will cause calmness and it makes you feel full. Ahhh, if only it were that easy.

10. Baby Mice Wine - I saved the best for last. Those little creatures scurrying around your basement are a delicacy of Korea and China, but not as a meat, as a wine. I am not quite sure who looked at the dead mice and said let me drink this in my wine, but it is a health tonic that is supposed to heal you “of anything that ails you”. Bonus: it supposedly tastes like raw gasoline.

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