My FIT Admissions Experience

As many of you know, my passion since birth has always been to go into the field of fashion, as a stylist or a buyer. For a while, that seemed like a pipe dream; every girl wants to be a fashion designer when they are five years old right? But I knew it was more than that for me. Memories of playing “fashion designers” at recess under the slide with my friends throughout elementary school now stick out to me as the beginnings of my fashion career.


On that note, when I aim for something, I aim high and do not stop until I get it and for me, I was aiming for the Fashion Institute of Techonology in New York City. I’m going to brag about this school for a minute so stay with me :). FIT is an internationally known fashion school with one of the best merchandising programs, taught by professionals in the field. In fact, it was just named the top fashion school in the wold for 2019 by CEOWorld Magazine. Plus, It is in the heart of the big apple and i am a sucker for the city. Needless to say, this is the school for those who want to go into the fashion world and it was the school of my dreams since I was ten years old.

That made the moment of opening the congratulations folder that much sweeter. I have to say my favorite part about FIT already, is the amount of people that have reached out asking me about the admissions process and congratulating me without even knowing me. The connections that this school forms are so strong, even before the school year starts. So I am going to take some time to talk about the admissions process for Fashion Institute of Technology.

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Admissions Process

For me FIT, was one of the easier admissions processes. I applied to three other schools, with my top being FIT. The other ones all required SAT scores or ACT scores, but FIT was unique in that it did not require that. However, I would still recommend sending them in, especially if you passed both sections because they can be used to place out of general ed classes your freshman year. After the SUNY application that needs to be filled out first, you should receive an email from FIT giving you your FIT ID and from there you can do your essay and send in all materials.


My admissions essay is something I have gotten asked about multiple times. Basically, fit wants to know who you are and why you would fit into their student body. I would say that this part is just as important if not more than the grades and transcripts because FIT is such a creative environment, they know that there is so much more than just GPAs to describe an applicant. I talked about how I have loved fashion since I was so young and how all the challenges in my life have reassured me that this is my calling, in my essay. also, Don’t be afraid to get personal because they want to see that you truly mean what you are writing. In addition, i mentioned some extracurricular activities that I am in, which showed more of my personality and dedication. I am currently an intern at luminora sun protective clothing, which has given me some practical, real world experience. I also mentioned that I am on the national honors society, charity work, and talked about my blog. Basically anything that you feel proud of and describes the image you want to portray, i would mention.

note: I applied to the fashion merchandising program, which did not require a portfolio so I cannot speak on that, but I did apply to the Fashion Honors Program. For that, they do require letters of recommendation to be emailed to the institution and another essay. i also applied directly to the institute and did not use common app or coalition.

So that is basically the admissions process. I would say that hardest part was waiting for the decision to come out. Since FIT does not have early action, no matter when you apply, you will be waiting until late March - early April. When they said they would let me know by April 1, I really did not think it would actually be as late as April 1, but it sure was.

Overall, the admissions process is totally doable and if you are really passionate about attending the fashion institute, it is really worth it.

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