Local Fashion Entrepreneurs: Anthony Bolognese

So many people are blinded by the glitz and glam of the big time fashion stars, that they neglect to see the talent in their own area. This inspired me to start a new collection of posts that are all dedicated to fashion influencers around me. I went around the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas, looking for people that are making contributions to the fashion industry through their individual talents. I ended up learning so much about their journey’s as well as my own through the process. The first person I interviewed is fashion photographer/designer and DC native, Anthony Bolognese.


Anthony Bolognese

Age: 23

Job : Founder/owner of Capitol Hill Clothiers and Capitol Hill Photo

Websites: anthonybolognesedesign.com, capitolhillclothiers.com

Instagram: anthonybolognese

I met Anthony at a photoshoot for clothing company, Luminora and saw his talents in fashion photography, little did I know he also owned a photography company and men’s clothing company. Starting off as a renaissance man, Anthony was able to try multiple things that interested him, after majoring in multimedia in college. He was able to find not one, but two careers that spoke to him; fashion photography and mens fashion design. He decided on fashion photography, as opposed to another theme because as he says, “it helped me stay social and I have a big interest in fashion”. His inspiration led him to open up Capitol Hill Photo. In addition, his business, Capitol Hill Clothiers began to brew when he partnered with fellow entrepreneur, Robert Ordway to focus on men’s fashion in the dc area.

When I asked Anthony about the best part about being a photographer, he said, “I love getting that text or email or DM after I deliver the photos when a client tells me about how ‘this is the most engagement I've ever gotten on Instagram!’ or ‘the guests were all so happy with the photos you captured of them at my event!’" Photography is one of those things that someone either has the skill, or they do not and Anthony certainly does. He said that the best part about being in the men’s fashion field is to be apart of the whole process of the start to end of the garment, as well as being able to teach his customers about his passion. Overall, he does fashion to be able to help people and see their faces when something he created, is exactly what they envisioned.

Lastly, as any aspiring entrepreneur, in fashion or otherwise, there are always going to be challenges while starting out. Networking is everything. When I asked Anthony about his challenges he laughingly told me, “Oh boy, everything . . . Plenty of events and meetups and free/discounted work just to get my name and what I'm doing out there. In the creative space, a lot of it has to do with finding your style and staying consistent to the point where people will see your work, recognize it, and want it for themselves”. It definitely is a process and one that takes a lot of patience and dedication, but once you start going, it all pays off. You will start to see the work that you have put in develop into a business that you are proud of, just like Anthony did.


Brandy Scott